FAQs | Solo Sound Hire


What happens if I break it?

Accidents do happen, and we take a cash deposit to cover any extra cleaning or minor repairs, or the insurance policy excess for major repairs or replacement. If the kit is returned in full working order, then the full deposit will be refunded to you.

What will I need for my wedding?

Your wedding day is unique, so let us tailor a package to your needs. Our experienced engineers are more than happy to discuss your venue and your requirements and make some recommendations.

How long can I hire it for?

All our kit is available from single day hire to long-term rolling hire for venues. Special rates apply to longer hire periods.

Can you arrange a DJ for me?

Yes we can. We have several DJs we work with regularly and would be more than happy to arrange someone or put you in touch.

Are there any extra charges?

All costs are explained at the time of booking.

How do I pay?

We accept payment by cash at collection or drop-off. The kit will not be left with you without payment.

Venue / size suitability?

If you have chosen your venue, we can recommend equipment to best suit the size and number of people at your event. We have given some rough guidelines on our hire pages but please feel free to ask about all the options available to you.

What ID and deposits are required?

When hiring from Solo Sound Hire you will need to provide three forms of identification.

The first ID must be a UK passport which will be held for the duration of the hire. The other two forms of ID needs to be a utility bill or bank statement with your name and address on it. These ID's will be returned to you upon the return of the equipment.

When hiring equipment we will take a copy of your credit or debit card for authorisation (it will need to be in the same name as your identification). No money will be charged to it but a check will be run to make sure it is a valid card.

Where can I get insurance?

If you do not have insurance to cover your event then there are many organisations that can assist you with one off policies. One such company is Events Insurance . Events Insurance are not affiliated with Solo Sound hire we are just providing this as a helpful link.



If you are looking for something specific or would like us to make a recommendation, just give us a call and an engineer will be happy to help.